Barbara Parkins Kenya

Barbara in Kenya – Samburu Life

To think in this 21st century, there are still tribal people living in harmony with the land and wildlife… is a beautiful thing! I’ve been privileged to have spent some time in Kenya with the Massai, Turkana and this last trip, the Samburu. We flew from Nairobi to a makeshift air strip in the Samburu area. Dancing is an important and joyful part of their tradition. Watching the young warriors in their fine headdresses and jewelry, dancing and chanting…this can also be a way of getting a girlfriend. The elder women in their colorful outfits … no black and grey colors here!… danced and brought us in to dance with them. Wonderful memories!

I hope their strong traditions and lifestyle are not changed by the ongoing pressures of their government. The Samburu and other Kenyan tribes are a proud people living in harmony.